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söndag 14 maj 2017

Latest on USA Health Care ?

Latest on USA Health Care ?

ref: ATLANTIC 051117: Why So Many Insurers Are Leaving Obamacare by Olga Khazan

I have acquired some insight in the health care by my long-term research SINUS-research project 1990-2012 when interviewing the local,politically elected county leaders in Uppsala,Sweden in my papers in Economic History,university of Uppsala. In the first paper 1990 I put forward suggestions how to reform the Swedish health care by various proposals,based in my analysis of these interviews about the decision making of the county leaders: how they f.e. prioritize the investments,make long-term policies etc. The summary of my first paper in this project could be read here,on

Google free site (written in Swedish-if not opened,ask me to send the pdf):

During the USA H. C-reform by former president B. Obama,I took contact with his staff and wrote about my results,hoping to start in this way even discussions about my proposals for the new paradigm of science,which were met by silence here in the Nordic countries (both in Sweden-on local and country level-in science,politics and media,and in my former home country Finland). At the same time I opened a free Google site in order to wake interest for the new kind of services,explainable by the new paradigm (se my writings about the mental healing projects):

As I had in the beginning of 90´ created an unique instrument for project payments- M.O.(Management Option),a threefold secure one which could even be used as a new kind of derivative instrument on Exchanges of M.O.’s- I had an proposal about it for ongoing discussions about my emails to Obama staff. Sorry to say,I got no response from The States- neither about the content on my free site above or about my special kind of H.C.Exchange. Afterwords,during the process for creation of the ACA,the staff decided for the ACA and it's kind of a state-based exchange.Today,if I understand it right,the current solution for exchange is not an centralized H.C. Exchange,but various states have their own ones,and only for insurer plans? Read the good article above about the current discussions in USA.

Could the current remodelling of ACA by president D. Trump and his staff be handled in another way? What about if both insurers,health care service providers (both private,state directed or voluntary etc) could use an central Exchange with M.O.-kind of project plans,where patients could select their own,individual plans,due to both their preferences and social-economic situation? This kind of multidimensional Exchange for insurers,doctors,organizations,whether alone or in co-operation,defining the clear profile of their own by common definiens variables for all projects- and putting forward their own,specialproject plans for each patient,deduced from their profiles, could thus have many,positive characters compared with today’s only economically profiled state exchanges:

* People could select h.c. services freely-whether in their own state or in the whole country.

*The payments could be reviewed with by the federal authorities,with common.multidimensional criterias.defining the plan profiles.

* Both insurer companies and health care services providing doctors or organizations would follow integrated,computerized usage subsciptions,routines,patientfollowing and feedback on success in their projects.

*As the patient feebback would be quaranted,the patient could swift freely between Medicare and private providers,if need for that,instead of sueing providers who had followed the common,clear routines.

*If the paid service results would be better than projected results-defined in M.O.projects- the overvalue would be shared on 50-50 bases between provider and patient (after insurer payment and taxes of course).

Taxes could be shared -even it on 50-50 base between states and the federal level if the decided solution wouldn't be a central,federal solution,helping thus the current deficit situation in the federal budget.

Win-win for all according to me- even for my Vidorg company building I suppose with licenses for M.O. ? As the M.O. instrument- a threefold secure kind of derivative instrument by it’s definition,a defined sharing time after the project end and shown value,and payments insured during the project time by insurer companies-could be used also in other kinds of businesses (I have had an suggestion about the M.O. Climate Exchange and it's usage in EU Development Bank for their projects), the public usage of the instrument could stabilize even the economies both in USA , EU and globally. As a matter of fact-I believe that the late crises or recession of 2008 hadn’t happened at all if the financial markets had used this new kind of three fold secure instrument from Vidorg.

Thank you Atlantic for your interesting article about the latest processes in USA about the change in ACA. If the president Trump’s staff is interested about this new synthetic kind of solution between Obama staff’s and theirs,the political situation could surely became more positive both for the people in USA and for the whole world,I suppose?

Lasse T Laine

philosopher-social scientist,entrepreneur,writer


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