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onsdag 4 september 2013

Some nuts with the after dinner cognac Mr. President

Some nuts with the after dinner cognac Mr. President

or Welcome to the country of Sweden and northern democracies with living alternative thinkers and critical media

Ref. DN/Debatt: ”Visa ledarskap i ödesfrågan om klimatet,Barack Obama”,Ons 4 sep-13,av Åsa Romson (doktor i internationell miljörätt och språkrör för Miljöpartiet de gröna)

DN/Helsidan/Judendom:”Så blev judarna Europas sammanhållande kraft”,Sö 1 sep-13,av Jackie Jakubowski

SvD/Under strecket: ”Obama vann med hjälp av Big data”,Ons 4 sep-13,av Anders Carlsson (skribent)


Welcome to Sweden- the land of Northern democracies,allies in spirit and criticism of friends. Hopefully you have time to read this,before the evening dinner with the invited Northern colleagues or leaders. I hope this short article or a kind of creative evaluation of media articles,political strategy notice and forward pointing action plan gives you some help in your discussions with the important guests in this evening,called together by your Sweden host,prime minister Fredric Reinfeldt.

One of the big problems to discuss

Åsa Romson,a ph.dr and one of the political leaders or ”vote gathering persons” (a little difficult to translate exactly,as lobbying is not enough and leadership is collective in the Swedish party of Greens) has written an interesting article (in Swedish) above where she articulates one of the most important subjects for the discussions with both Mr. Reinfeld and the other important leaders in the evening.

I'll make your reading a little bit easier by concentrating her excellent discussions to a shorter synopsis,with the help of a scientific practice. By writing about problem formulation,thesis or critical evaluation of work done,three points to the common target in the coming,needed politics and three central questions how to the visioned political work could be done. After the short referrals below Ill make some kind of criticism of her,and leave my own proposals which are both synthetical,broader and-according to me- understands the situation of yours,the dinnerguests and hostś duties and possibilities a quite differently but at the same time underlining the central message of yours.

- problem formulation: Mrs. Romson sees the climate problem-caused by the accumulating amount of goaldioxinef global politics to revert the process-as one of the most important questions for the discussions

- She makes a critical evaluation of the situation of both done political work-locally in various countries (by this she means both USA and Sweden) and globally- and by the business world,and summaries: the change for the lower level of carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases to the common atmosphere by utilizing the new ways of reaping energy from goal,the inbound oil in rockies or others ways are not enough as the end result of usage of these new forms are still too high to revert the climate change

- she puts forward 3 target descriptions which should dictate the coming,political work whether in USA or Sweden or other countries in order to match the problem:

firstly the rich countries should diminish their own outputs of negative carbon dixide without at the same time diminishing the financial help to the poorer ones who needs money to make the leap directly to the newest technology which costs a lot.

Secondly specially USA and Sweden,having both money,knowledges and interest should show the way to the other countries and by that make the political work both quicker and more effective.Itś time to act now,before the window is closed,if using the language of economists so to say.

Thirdly the rich countries-and specially USA and Sweden,leading the change to the new technologies,would do needed investments without waiting that others are doing the same. No sine qua non- here among the rich ones.

- The three central questions how to solve the needed process-as a kind of concrete points in the schedule- are filling the climate fund of UN by new money-and quickly. Especially the rich countries have a greater responsibility here than the poorer ones which are still building up the needed,effective production systems,social and legal infrastructures etc. Secondly the countries should have legally binding norms about the levels of carbon dioxide outputs. Thirdly,the work from research and development should be noted and prioritized too,together with business life making new transportation systems or effecting the existent ones by new tariffs etc. All these central questions or focuses should have the common target of making the energy systems totally renew oriented,without usage of fossil energy,in different forms.

Perspectives of change-boxes to work from

I'll use in my critical evaluation of her article both perspective seeing-and evaluation of itś ground visa-vi her and your position Mr. President- together with the usage of system theory perspective and my own synthetic,unique perspective uniting the different sectors of society with are commonly separated: science,political work,business life and cultural work. Shortly by writing a short note or alternative action plan from the point of Avatar of Synthesis. As an alternative thinker,critical towards the Swedish officials of both taxing bureau and law institutions which have stolen so far the made investments in my company work by the shortage of perspectives,dictated by politicians,or by shortage of vision,knowledges or other hindrances, Iĺl write down my action plan with sine qua non-as a kind of gesture to you Mr. President and your country (I write later why I do it).

Doctor Romsonś perspective could be evaluated by the box analyses. She begins by making the climate question the first one and moves then outwards from it to the next one,poverty questions (fe. Shortage of clean water,mono type of ecological niches,unequality in societies etc. lifted up the greens even if not mentioned here where she is talking a a general level of analysis in her interest to catch the main points),political box with her discussion of different conditions and prioritarizations for rich and poorer countries,and lastly to the cultural one: a vision of clean energy society. In her definition of these boxes and the shifting of priorities to a higher and higher level,she is naturally bounded or grounded in both her social position as one of the two leading ”vote gathering- persons in the party of Greens in Sweden,but even by her doctoral knowledges and her personal drive.

According to me-if I have understood right-your boxes Mr. President are different and prioritized differently. This is quite understandable due to your position as the president of the leading nation in the world,USA. By having a different kind of history,natural resources,societal values or priorities which are even coloring the political work in your country,the boxes could maybe be analyzed in this way.

- The innermost box just now in USA-with the highest priority for you Mr. President is the economy of the USA (state budget deficit, etc).

- Second box,working outward which makes the innerbox work most prioritized and should be solved before being able to match the second etc. ones,is poverty: how to diminish unemployment in your country.

- Third box could be political: how to make the needed work politically successful without ineffective work or slowness in needed change work or by dividing the nation in hostility camps (as are done in outmost way in Syria just now by ethnical or religious grounds).

- Fourthly how to make stability in world such a kind that differences in political systems or evolutional levels in various democracies are not blogging the common work done: here the climate work. In all these definitions and priorities of box analyses your social platform is the power of the president,even if your values,knowledges and acquired experiences in your former career make a ground,together with the word of your love ones,staff expertises,allied institutions etc.

What about the box of a Swedish-Finnish alternative thinker

With a background of childhood,schooling period and work period in the Finnish society,before moving to Sweden in august-69 as a guest student and working and studying,building family here etc. I have a kind of double perspective to living here. With even outer experiences you do not evaluate yourself with the major peoples socialized perspectives and definitions. According to the writer Jackie Jakubowski this was exactly the situation of jews in Europe,so in a way I am a jew in spirit too by feeling the double perspective: both feeling home everywhere and-at the same time- a foreigner everywhere. Maybe that is a good condition for creative work but that is not a easy one.

So how could I define my boxes to both the climate question and by making a helping hand for your difficult work Mr. President which is both stressed with time,changing political tactics due to the changes in the world which you should match as a president of USA trying to stabilize the change so that it would solve the problems for both your country and the world where your nation has the highest power.

- My innermost box would be science. By change of its ground to a broader one we could see the climate work even many-dimensionally. Our basic view of the reality and man have a philosophical ground according to me in the traditional paradigm of science which is taken axiomatically true,due to our experiences and selected empirical data. In a way this is nothing new to you Mr. President. Here I refer to the article where a writer Anders Carlsson describes how your ”voting machine” gathered sympathies and hearth questions by big data kind of analyses on the net and otherwise by observing people when doing the political door knocking etc. This box or paradigm change makes these kinds of soft data science,giving impulses for a new economy and ecology theories etc.

- The second box,the political box/work could the be easier. I have myself pointed a way to the Swedish sister party Social democrats how the basic value of the party could be argued for by even these new scientific arguments,deduced from the new paradigm causing thus the needed empowerment of people for the change,the leading vision of your work.

- The third box would be natural for the more vitalized people: emphasize of the common interest for all (see the feelings of jews above but with the change: home for all,on positive conditions,living not apart but together with all) and by that create the momentum for the economy many-dimensional.

Lifting the world by encouraging the new shift

I have in my academic student papers (as an alternative thinker in the scientific world being stopped on that level,even in Sweden) described the paradigm change as a kind of quantum leap-either we make or take it or not. How could I describe now the path which your administration could take in synthesizing the boxes analyses above: doctor Romsonś,yours and mine. I could use in this the system theory perspective and my new,many-dimensional ecology theory,abstracted in one of my unpublished student papers in social anthropology studies at the university of Uppsala. Open the inner box of science. Make the message of the new paradigm public instead of meeting it with silence.

Maybe you are doing it Mr. President -indirectly as I wrote in my former blog by visiting the former alternative thinker of Sweden and his gravemonument. Take a courage and ask your host and dining friends: what are you doing here to get the new paradigm through? In my former blog I hinted a political step to solve the current crises in Syria by making allies in the regional level in a new kind of solution which could solve the old hostility with Israel and Palestina. By a win-win solution,by referring to a USA coin. This and new kind of solutions for fe. You H.C.-exchanges with the help of my new M-O- derivate instrument,Climate exchanges too in that way,a new form for global tax reforms and World bank aid-loans etc. would make the economic path to the new boom possible. It is a question of mission,by vision,knowledges,own experiences which have given me courage to believe in my work as a Avatar of Synthesis. By writing these lines I hope I have given some of it to you and your allied friends in this evening.

I hope you see my kind notes not as nuts,but as a suggestion for a new,creative kind of agenda.


Lasse T. Laine

philosopher – social scientist,entrepreneur in company Vidorg et.alt.companies


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