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torsdag 5 september 2013

Work ahead Mr. President

Work ahead Mr. President

Ref. My former blog articles and especially those-written lately- about the vision on change


I had yesterday a hurry day. Writing my blogarticle in time,send it to the Net,Twitter about the message and pingle it to the media-,political-,business- and cultural market and -not forgetting the local and potentially the global readers of mine-pointing to the latest blog article at my Facebookpage.

Hopefully you,Mr. President,had time to read it?

After sending the article read it and found both some erroneous sentences and a missing bit. I had analysed Mrs. Romsons and your perspectives with 4 boxes,but missed my own,4th one. I this ending article of this series- Mr. President visiting Sweden in September 2013- I ll fulfill my job as I see it. By creating new,unique synthesis give my readers new visions,perspectives and possibly tools to join the big work for us all to do: the change work. As noted by Mrs. Romson and even lifted up by yourself Mr. president-the climate work.

In difference to the common practices of analyzing the problem by gathering knowledges,pinpointing trends and the structure of processes- as for the climate problem the accumulating amount of poisonous carbon dioxide- and the fear of resulting negative change on the system level- destroyed atmosphere for us all on the globe,rich and poor,with political might or not-the perspective of Mrs. Romson,I ll use the synthetic way. Going inward out and from most pervasive outer box inwards again,synthesizing the perspectives of both you Mr. president and the Swedish political person Mrs. Romson,but with a different kind of end result on the system level,due to the broader ground of the work- the new paradigm of science.

My missed fourth box was the resulting cultural box. Please,continue reading.

Evolution ahead

The nowadays evolution theory evolved itself during many centuries. Step by step,by new perspectives,by new theories,perspective shifts and new methods of gathering empirical data. Darwin's great synthesis about the evolution theory based on physical data has been debated by philosophers,admired by scientists and debated by the people in media,churches and at the kitchen bord. Possibly even on the dinner evenings by important leaders,with some nuts and a glass of cognac. The nowadays DNA-theory and chemistry are continued these perspectives in defining the evolution by finding physical pieces of data to describe further the evolutionary processes.

For me-as a student in philosophy,searching the truth about the reality,the basic work of the science-the anomalous data in parapsychology-both the empirical one,done in laboratories and the spontaneous experiences which seemed to show an invariant structure,giving same kind of results in spite of differences between people experiencing-whether gender,social-economical status,age,religious attitudes and beliefs or ethnical backgrounds-were both the problem and the material for change. The anomalous data gathered-and even experienced myself- questioned the basic knowledges of the philosophy and sciences about the reality,time,space,view of ourselves.

The problem of parapsychology was and is how to find new theories to interpret the gathered data or knowledges to new theories which could be tested in laboratories by inter subjectivity,by multitude of scientists,in different parts of the world and nations. The search for new theories could in principle be done by trying to “reduce” the data to the theories of nowadays sciences-as fe. By electro-chemical processes in brain-or take a leap to the unknown,the realm of non-physical level of reality as the methods and tools used (fe. Faraday case) showed that there was a need of ultimately different kind of theories in able to being explaining the unexplained data. For me,I found a way to go round these difficulties: firstly by taking a historical way to analyse the ground of our nowadays sciences in philosophy and then-if finding a new way using it first as a hypothesis for presenting new theories.

As a student I was young,eager to find truth,make my own way or career if you like to have that perspective. As a foreigner in the major society of Sweden I was lifted aside. As I referred above,my social situation resembled the social status of Jews in Europe,giving a creative impetus but being social-economically difficult. In my own studies beside taking freely university courses in philosophy and working during week ends,Christmas time or summer vacations,I created the grounding ideas for the new paradigm. For not making this blog too long,I point to the end result-presented in my own series Moments of Oneness and student papers- as a kind of cultural evolution.

Later-during my own reading in history of biology-I found that cultural evolution is discussed as a new form of evolution,by scientists too,not only philosophers,who are trained in analyzing our arguments,theories,logical grounds for our knowledges or grounds for our societies and behaviors in ethics and political acts.

The new box of culture

Both the historical data and social-political sciences show how the USA and Russia have gone through periods of change. In the west the local folks of Indians were conquered and marginalized by the new folks,coming from Europe. In the east the ethnic group of Russian people ended up in power,laying down the neighboring areas under their power. In Syria the quarreling concerns which group of ethnic people or with which religious beliefs will have the last word and end in the political power. As it is theoretically wrong to analyze different societies with different historical and cultural traditions by the same analyses,it is right that philosophically these different societies use the same kind of philosophical ground for their beliefs,practices and social-political plans.

The common world is grounded on that philosophy which I found to be too narrow. By my work-as a kind of “Avatar of Synthesis”- the change could be done to the new world,by having the courage to try the new axiomatics first as a hypothesis,and then-if finding that it works in giving us new tools,perspectives,methods,theories,sciences to find new solutions to the old problems as “proved”.The axioms-basic beliefs about the kind and structure of reality in the ontology in philosophy cannot be proved-they must only be taken by belief and work with it.

Before you Mr. presidnet leave the Sweden and fly to Russia try some thoughts of the new philosophy. By having perspectives of Oneness (of our world),continuity (of your own work),evolution (having in mind how evolution has gone through in both your own culture and society and the nation of Russians and Syria),hopefully you and president Putin will find a way forward. In solving fe. The common problem of climate chance,but even the political “nut” of Syria. If you and Mr. Putin find each other,I am sure that we (the Avatar of Synthesis included as a kind of consultant,maybe with a mother company in USA?) could go further and find new ways ahead how to make openings for a new political coalitions (USA,Russia,China,possibly even with EU) in solving the common problems,whether political,economic,social. The new cultural box,by the new view of man,living in a factually many-dimensional reality could be the common base for our work ahead.

The gift of people from Sweden and Finland

During my studies at the marxistically influenced faculty of social anthropology at the university of Uppsala,I read how hight chiefs in the natural societies gave gifts to their people. Even if I have no interest of defining myself as a chief,I ll give you Mr. president some kind of gift too.

You have deep economical problems in your nation and society in USA. Whatabout using my new M.O. (Management Option) derivate instrument by opening Vidorg's Exchange of M.O. 's in USA? A new kind of exchange,with totally new kind of instrument of both making money and solving the economical problems or allocating money for both new projects and companies and for people themselves? I have in mind a new business opportunity of State Deficit Reversal Options (SDRO).

By selling them-after starting successful reforms-threefold secured- the state could finance the continuity of reforms and by that have success in solving the economical-political and ecological problems of your nation. In having trust in your administration and societal building,together with work done internationally in a new way above,the change could be done through,both for you and me and the people of the world. Believe in the science-the accumulating way of doing work-syncronized with the international,political work of you and your staff,by power of love,thinking,kind words but even the courage to take the leap to the new. In the same way the nation of yours was find by us europeans. Now it is your turn to come back,embrace us,but come back with new influences,new perspective,new knowledges and political insights. Welcome back to see us again,maybe in Finland?


Lasse T. Laine

philosopher – social scientist,entrepreneur in company Vidorg et.alt.companies


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