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söndag 1 september 2013

Poker play or ethical handling in the Syrian conflict

Poker play or ethical handling -

Or what could be interpreted in the political actions of the central states and a NGO- company in their handling of the case: usage of chemical weapons in Syria in July-13

Ref: SvD/Brännpunkt: Militärt hot kan vara spel,Sö 1 sept-13,av Per Jönsson


In my former blog article above- “The longterm interest – my proposal for the Obama-meeting”- I wrote down an alternative thinkerś totally different kind of plan how to handle the crises in Syria. Instead of military solution- as planned by the high chiefs of the most powerful state in the world,that is in USA- a civil and regional solution. A solution which could even possibly give new perspectives how to solve the longterm,central conflict between Israel and Palestina. By joining the interests of the whole region in this new kind of master plan for peace,even the Syrian refugees could be involved and- by the long run- diminish the power base of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad,left alone by both his people and the allies.

The political bargaining in the Syrian conflict has gone high. President Obama has started the military process by giving his commander-in chief-orders to gather the battleships near Syria or being at the appropriate distance to launch a missile actack as a kind of punishment for the usage of chemical weapons against civilian people in Syria. According to media he waits the votes of congress before pushing the button for this minor action,as it could be seen from the military side. Internationally the political maneuvering of the smart president- as he is described in the referred article in one of the main newspapers in Sweden by a internationally oriented researcher and journalist Per Jönsson- has resulted as a minor action too. Allies- Great Britain,France,NATO-countries have a wait and see-kind of hesitation. They will have clear evidence that the al-Assad regime has ordered and used the chemical weapons against their own people-both civil war fighters and civilians- before giving their votes for the military action above. Russia and China seem to have another kind of wait and see plan: instead of being humiliated by USA- the definer of the action plan for the global conditions for peace and democracies- they see a chance to possibly humiliate the strongest nation by lifting the case to the voting in UN. If security council cannot solve the riddle,maybe the majority of the nations non-vote could do the job and thereby even lift the political and ethical burden from them which opposed the unitary action for the UN-statues for human rights and international laws.

In this situation the referred writer above-Per Jönsson- presents a kind of hypothesis. The proposed military punishment action from USA- being nearer media action so far than real politics- could be interpreted as a kind of poker game or gamble. By gathering the battleships near Syria the Syrian president could maybe be persuaded to give up the chemical weapons to UN? Could this be the tactics of the smart president Obama?

Another kinds of hypothesis

What about Vidorg's package? Per Jönssonś journalist radar has not catched my blog article above and its unique proposal to the greater regional package for peace. Suppose that he-and the Swedish-Finnish media is awakened by president Obamas planned visit of the former Swedish “alternative thinker” Roul Wallenbergś grave monument in Stockholm during his visit. Has the media interpreted right the president here? As he could not yet visit the living ones grave- or slash the regimen and high society people of both Sweden and Finland by giving an short chatting pause with the living alternative thinker (me) which is totally ignored by both media,political and scientific world here or partially by the business,he visits the grave of the former one and hopes to wake the consciousness of people here too? Is this kind of hypothesis a political one too?

Repetition is the mother of learning

Take a kind of meta-hypothesis now: what kind of figure is this person writing here? A lunatic? A lone ranger? Commander-in chief-in the future USA or coming from outer worlds-an alien? Meta-motivated,sincere,mentally focused people like the modern youth,globally,using Internet for acting for the common world as the financial,political and legal actions of the high status politicians are too narrow or slow moved? As a modern writer too,I leave the answer or interpretation to do to my readers.

What about the Vidorg package?

In my former blog article I wrote down some notes for my alternative package for the case Syria and the regional solution. Even about the conditions: getting a USA-passport and a sum of money in able to start my business in USA (as the Swedish “market” and societal conditions are strongly opposed to such or making the success conditions inhuman-give up your integrity or die). In former blog articles above I have presented some notes about the larger “Vidorg package” which is behind my hypothetical peace work.

- about reforming the Swedish hospital system in my SINUS-project 1990-2012 including my proposals for the new model of society with the Partially Market Directed Public Sector model in order to manage the older people boom in future

- the social planning model of NMEP- a kind of positive economical spiral backed by the new economical and ecological theories (presented in student papers as the path for higher studies blocked by the ethnically right people or people with right status)

- proposing reformation of EU-financial solutions: reform of Euro-the common monetary unit which theoretical base is according to me too simple by not considering the different situations of the member states and thereby the payments for the common funds on the right way

- reforming the ideological base of the local and global labor parties Social democrats which see the reformation way in politics as a right one instead of either revolutions or power politics,or dictatorial ways of handling the neighbors in negative reciprocity way

- giving proposal to reform World Bank or IMF by a new kind of economical developmental loans

Behind these various economical-political-cultural proposals for a new prosperity or boom is the vision of the company Vidorg: “integration in the wide meaning of the word”, grounded in the new,broader paradigm of science,which includes the nowadays one as a part,but handles about more-about many-dimensional empirical results.

Itś quite possible that the hight leaders have not themselves these kinds of personal experiences. As persons who have both right and might to pay salaries for persons who are educated in the new sciences which contain a germ or seed to the new paradigm,they could afford to pay the minor sum for Vidorg in order to settle the status-question: who to listen,who to believe. Say 50 million dollars-5 years salary pay for CEO in the ordinary,successful company in USA.

Poker game or ethics as a base for peace work

I have personally no interest to play poker or buy even a lottery-ticket. I believe in ethical considering in international politics,in positive reciprocity which in USA reads “win-win” deals and a possibility to make a social lift,without ethnical considerations,by work and fair play. By applauding the visit of president Obama in Sweden I consider him as a smart,positively thinking politician who is not interested to play poker plays neither in his own country or globally. Neither I- “Avatar of Synthesis” as I define myself by my vision and meaning of my work,done during the nearly 40 years in Sweden,as a kind of guest worker,lifted apart from home.

Lasse T. Laine

philosopher-social scientist,entrepreneur in Think tank Vidorg companies


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