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fredag 9 augusti 2013

The longterm interest – my proposal for the Obama-meeting

The longterm interest – my proposal for the Obama-meeting


SvD/ledare: ”En frihet värd att vårda”,fre 9.aug-13,av Siri Steijer

SvD/Ledare: ”al-Quida tänker globalt och agerar lokalt”,fre 9.aug-13,av Ivar Arpi

Dagens Industri/Nyheter: ”Frihandeln i fokus-Barack Obamas Sverigebesök blir historiskt”,fre 9.aug-13,av Gabriel Mellqvist

Dagens Industri/Nyheter/Enkät:”Vad vill du diskutera med Barack Obama om du får träffa honom i september?”


Some months ago I wrote on this blog about president Obamas possible interest to meet with a Swedish dissident like me. I didn't expect that his staff was planning a visit to Sweden,which now will happen in Stockholm during 4-5th September this year. In this article I´ll write a scenario if such a meeting could happen between president Obama and the unknown dissident whose life theme and workings handle about making the real change in world-the theme of interest even for the current president of the USA. This scenario has a minimal chance which my readers probably understand,but I argue to such a meeting anyway with the arguments below.

Freedom at school,freedom in the world

My first argument-and implicitly an emotive use of language too-handles about the Swedish school. The current law in Sweden makes it possible to big companies,co-operatives with ideal forces like parents and cultural institutions and teachers to start or take over current schools in Sweden. There has been much discussions about this,and the leftist parties argue for a later change when the local communities or authorities would have a veto which companies could start the schools. The first article compares the Swedish situation with schools in Great Britain. When it is easy to start a school in Sweden,the work afterwards is highly regulated with different ways (economy,pedagogically,personal politics,health care etc).In Great Britain the situation is on the other way: harder to start,but easier to work with. The article lifts up-against the late bankruptcy of the JB Education as a school provider-possible way to regulate the school market better. In the end: how to save taxpayers money,and give pupils guarantees to fulfill their school career on the same school or selected profile. The leader article even lifts up the current situation with the previous social context,where parents didn't have a possibility to select the school for their children to provide a better platform for their life with knowledge,social abilities and a suitable profile for their children. This freedom is valuable and should be continued in the future too,writes the leader writer Siri Steijer.

What has this to do with the president Obama-visit in Sweden and the possible meeting with an Swedish alternative thinker like me? Freedom in democracies is a continual care in the political life of USA. The current inspections of Internet are motivated by the government by prevention of both crimes and international terrorism. Take now the metaphor: our global,common world as a school for us,immigrants from birth. As there are many kind of children,on different mental,spiritual,social-economic-cultural levels,so the different nations are nurturing environments. On the other hand we-as a global civilization-have not a free movement of people. As I wrote in a comment for Finnish parapsychologists,the future technology might make it easier to move or travel with flying cars (as the gravitational motor is invented,like in UFO-cultures in the outer space).Wouldn t it be proactive to work for this kind of real chance already to day? Who would be the better partner for this kind of chance for the president of USA than a creative alternative thinker? As a kind of consultant fe.

Liberty and egalitarianism as a solution for solving the terrorism

The second referred leader article by Ivar Arpi handles about the continued efforts of democracies to minimize terrorism such as al-Qaida. The current stratecies-with infiltration,INTERNET-and phone surveillance and social-economical tactics such as paying for partnerships or like-handling and co-operation in military operations hasn t yet ended the terrorism. The question which the leadership article sets in perspective is if the situation needs another kind of strategy-of ideas,thoughts,a kind of mental security?

As I have written before on my blogs about this and presented the change with the new paradigm and itś new,many-dimensional view of reality and man,this could give even a social-political platform for the USA-politics in the world. A true and proactive policy in the spirit above and profiling on the mental frontier too.

Ending of the financial crises by a step quantum like

As an alternative thinker I have commented before the current crises,left own proposals how to reform the market by my three-fold secure,new derivate instrument M.O. (by the way-blackmailed on the INTERNET by people,not understanding the issue or the solution or defending their own short view perspectives on the market),which could have been used in USA too in formulating the new kind of Health Care system in the Exchange of H.C.-plans,secured with M.O.ś kind of instrument. Unfortunately,the Obamas first period-staff didn't got my emails (?) or got wrong evaluations or rumors from the Swedish market,where the alternative thinker is fenced by social-political short time tactics or blind perspectives of ethnically focused. My other proposals concern about EU-wide reforms (a proper ground for Euro by a system which understands the different situations of the member states by their history,social-economic-and cultural traditions but without giving up a common framework for EU-economy by open-ended solution as I have for development loanrents as my proposal for the IMF. WTO-politics-with freedom of exchange but common responsibility to those who have minor status or have overburden economy,could be solved by the new kind of ecological theory and the new value theory of the new paradigm of science. Ideas are clear,even if not printed on the dissertations or published as the alternative thinker is bound,even here in Sweden.

Big politics with Russia and a bigger step too

I like president Obamas care of the dissidents in Russia. As a kind gesture he could possible have time or leave some words about the dissident in Sweden too. Naturally,as a proactive consultant and interested to build up a global consulting bureau or think tank my conditions for an opening meeting wouldn t be payless – gratis say Swedish people and handle in the same spirit too. What about getting an USA-passport and a proper sum to quarantine a starting of a firm in USA? After that I could give some news to a bigger politics too: with a meeting of USA,Russian and Chinese presidents fe. Some arguments for such a meeting were proposed some days ago on the NASA forums according to Scientific American. As a consultant for government I have an idea how to solve the longterm crises between Israel and Palestine too. By gathering Arab-countries to the economic prosperity-together with Israel- in an interesting solution-there would possibly be a future for ending of the terrorism too? Near friends have a courage to be intimate and provoking too. I want more than a joking relationship both here and there. Get the coin to the table.


After reading the leader article in DN,Mon 12th august,"Det növändiga mot det omöjliga"-translated article of Thomas Friedman,an American writer and journalist,my creative mind formulated today,on Tue 13 th,a kind of "MACRO PLAN FOR PEACE SOLUTION BETWEEN ISRAEL AND NEIGBOURING ARAB COUNTRIES".

Something concrete to mention with possible meeting with president Barack Obama and his staff,and in persuasion for my plans above about Vidorg Inc in USA and the proper payment-condition plan.The macro-process above has both political,democratic voting side plus concrete,stepwise process sides when carrying through this unique peace plan.

In times of crises,itś both fair and showing great diplomacy to use alternative thinkers like me who has both the local and global focus in their work.

Lasse T. Laine

philosopher-social scientist,entrepreneur in Think tank Vidorg companies


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