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söndag 18 december 2011

One for all-except one?

Comment to the leader article in SvD,Sun 18 dec-11

One for all-except one ?

Ref. SvD/ledare:Alla för en,det var då det, Sö 18.dec-11,av PJ Anders Linder


The political leader writer/chief PJ Anders Linder in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet-
one of the two most influentical newspapers in the country,with political sympathies in the moderate right,has written a biting debate article on the political situation in the country. Linder shows how the historical pact with three parties in the left-middle-between leftist VPK,socialdemocratic SAP (probably definable as Swedish sister of the USA Democratic party or on the same tradition) and MP-en environmentally focused green-party,can now be passed to the history.SAP,the hegemonic power party in the Swedish 1900-history,has been defeated in the two latest elections and losing votes,MP wins ”all time high” in the latest SIFO-questionary of voting preferences or party loyalties,and VPK is stamping on nearly the same level as before even if selecting more moderate new partyleader. In voting preferences figures: SAP 25.4 (in the future focusing capital region in Stockholm only 14,8),MP 12,3 and VPK 6,3.

Something is missing for SAP,concludes Linder analyzing the new party leader Håkan Juholt'spolitical behavior: both coherent,decent behavior on most actual questions,and lack of longterm strategical leadership in the questions which concern most the people of Sweden: how to create new jobs and build up the social-economical framework for new companies in the EU-region,confronted with financial crises and in the world of global competition. Linder,being a critical voice on the right says that even the governmental leader party M (Moderaterna,which could be defined as a Swedish Republican party) together with the liberal FP(Folkpartiet),middle party of C (Centerpartiet) and traditional Christianity believers but rightist KD(Kristdemokraterna) has been unable to give the solution to the these two guestions. The same situation which wonders and examines nearly every country in the world which have won the technological level of industrial evolution and modernity with urbanization,multicultural societies and keen interest for global neighborhood in the spirit
”we belong together”-create a win-win for all of us,or be one of the leaders passing by.

Linderś analysis is right according to me. Being again interested in the political work-one of my
frontal lines besides business life (with my Vidorg company since November 1986),cultural interest and work for the new paradigm of science (in my student papers and afterwards)-I wonder if the SAP-leader makes the right analysis in the situation,both in the country and in the world. He condemns fe. the latest EU leadership-decision to integrate the European community and is in this kind of traditional political behavior partner with the prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.On the EU-level Juholt makes references to the latest voting in the country against joining the Euro-community,those EU-member states which have adopted the common currency in EU. According to me this kind of analysis is both wrong (in the new world of need of regional integration to a larger unites in the win-win spirit and to create and reach positive framework for global competition) and ethically dubious as not giving the people of Sweden right information of the new paradigm which could reform the party,if accepting me as an intellectual,interested to work through the new theoretical and political framework for both the SAP-party,to the EU (focusing with PES-the party of European socialists) and to the global community as in the question of how to redesign the Saab-a car company fighting against GM in the situation where Laine shows the counter factual interest of GM as shortsighted,wrongly focused to maintaining old kind of business strategies,in stead of win-win on the long term for all and the job creation with new technology,on new frontiers.

For me the situation is right to make decision: winning now,getting through the possibility of change globally with the new paradigm-as a kind of summary of my work from four decades,or
passing by as met by unethical behavior from the Swedish authorities against my company building here and uninterested community of science and local media to the new,broader philosophical grounds giving new ethos-mental and ethical-to the new cultural evolutionary quantum leap,but possibly coming back again with Finnish (or EU or USA) company? I show how the Saab-crises fe could be solved with the new kind of strategy: as the political world of multi polarity,so even the business world must change-in my Saab-Youngman-Vidorg case(?) with a long-term,global process approach where the old kind of GM-fighting legally,is shown to be a old kind of dinosaur-company which is blocking the way to the win-win world of new jobs,new possible green technology if the SaaYouVid-project (with language metaphors: ”(śaa'inFinnish means 'to get', 'you´ in English,'vid´-meaning ' broad' in Swedish) getting you to the broad position as a global project of partners,instead of one country focusing GM. Better can USA and the companies there-in following the spirit of entrepreneurship-open new kinds of strategies (se IBM where daughter companies can even compete with each other) and business win-win relationships and lobbying for better,longterm politics as the most modern global companies do
adopting the social responsibilities-regulations of the UN and green technologies in search of climate solutions for us all.

I refer even to the current practice of the local political level of SAP in Uppsala,where I am working in trying to renew the schools in Uppsala,when met by the tight budgetary proposals.
The message to the SAP leader Håkan Juholt is thus: make decision now if SAP is interested to adopt the new paradigm-thus giving publicity to the Gordian knot or crucify the movement of the new paradigm and not giving information to the people of Sweden about my new kind of proposals how fe to reform Euro and thus stabilize the financial scene worldwide and give the people new voting possibility,for new,stronger EU and greener world,needed so clearly as climate crises is accelerating. I am not asking to be selected as a new SAP-leader but ask democracy to work.

The Alliance government:
Give resources now to evolve the new paradigm-as other new kinds of grounding sci-work gets-or continue your kind of short tuned politics,as many other leaders do in the world,not having experiences of the marginalized people or intellectual dissidents interests and ethical decisions to fight with non-violent means to modernity,new kinds of ethos to us all as world citizens.

I meaned first to write a more powerful version of this article in Swedish (not to mention in Finnish,my mother language) but am content with this English version. Hopefully the New York Times or other influential newspapers or channels of media are interested,in the day as former strong message bearers has gone (P. Havel) to the other side (mirror universe according to Laine before reborning again here or another working place).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the readers of these lines.


Lasse T. Laine
philosopher-social scientist,Uppsala

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