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torsdag 8 december 2011

Rescuing Euro

Ref. Dagens Industri,Analys s. 21,To 8 dec-11, Så kan Draghi rädda Euron-krönika,av Gunnar Örn

Rescuing Euro.Today analysis in the Swedish business newspaper DI,by Gunnar Örn,shows clearly the four alternatives for the leaders of EU and the ECB (European Central Bank) what to do to rescue the common currency Euro.According to me there are even a fifth and sixth alternative: to use M.O.-kind of instrument in ECB in solving the crises-together WITH the private business and financial world (among which my company Vidorg would be one f.e. in setting up the M.O.Exchange on the European market with help of partners).The sixth: Attentive reader noticed my proposal for the new ESSF institution- European Structural Stability Fond,instead of the occasional EFSF.Its time to change the focus and reform the Euro with both NEW theoretical framework (se my paper below sended to the former president of PES Poul Rasmussen as a gift-published even on my blog at and the institutional CHANGE above from EFSF to ESSF.Itś time for leading not lending on temporary loans and crisepolitics according to me.

By Lasse T. Laine

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